PPDA President accused Economy Minister of violating auction organization legislation

The president of the PPDA faction Alexandru Slusari has declared that he will submit an application to the General Prosecutor's Office against the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Anatol Usatîi.

Slusari accused Usatîi of violating the rules for organizing auctions on road repair projects. Unless the minister offers some explanation in the next days, the PPDA will demand his resignation. 

"The minister publicly declared that it was impossible to publish announcements about auctions in the EU Official Journal. However, we found that several announcements from Moldova were posted in this Journal. Unless the minister presents any written evidence to demonstrate his declaration, we will request his resignation", the politician wrote this message on a Facebook post. 

According to the PPDA MP, the auctions on road repair projects worth over 640 million lei were published only in the Public Procurement Bulletin, and not in the Official Journal of the European Union, as provided by the legislation.

Alexandru Slusari reiterated the announcements on EU Official Journal would attract international companies. He said at President Igor Dodon's suggestion, the auctions were launched urgently so that the president could promote his presidential elections in this fall. 

The Economy Minister Anatol Usatâi did not immediately answer our phone for comments. 

Earlier, Anatol Usatâi stated in the press that all auctions on road repair wold be launched on March 2, 2020 and assured they would be organized in accordance with the law. 



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