PPDA MP admits failure of Bank Fraud Investigation Commission and demands to create a new one

Alexandru Slusari, the President of the Bank Fraud Investigation Commission in the Parliament calls for the creation of a new Commission of investigation to elucidate all the circumstances of the bank fraud during 2011-2014. 

The PPDA MP wants to create a new working group which will investigate the liquidation process of the Banca de Economii S.A., the Unibank and the Social Bank as well as the method of distributing the emergency loans, issued by the National Bank to the three institutions.

At a press conference, Slusari said that the parliamentary commission he led failed to gather all the necessary information.

"It's the biggest enigma and problem that remains murky. How were these credits distributed: the first loan under the Leancă Government guarantee and the second under the Gaburici Government guarantee. Where did the money go? Why were these guarantees needed? There are many questions and the previous commission tried to obtain some information in vain from the Prosecutor's Office and other authorities". 

Meanwhile, he sent a message to the Ministry of Finance. 

"The Finance Ministry is obliged to organize an audit regarding the legality of allocating the financial means as emergency loans to the three banks", added Slusari.

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