PPDA MP accuses Finance Minister Serghei Puşcuţă of illegalities overlooked by former government

Chiril Moţpan, the President of the National Security and Defense Commission, accused Finance Minister Serghei Puşcuţă of tax evasion, corruption and abuses. According to Chiril Moţpan, he obtained documents which could prove Puşcuţă's involvement in these crimes. 

Moţpan claims that he sent the report, which is otherwise secreted, to the Prosecutor General's Office.

It should be mentioned that Serghei Puşcuţă was the director of the State Fiscal Service (FISC) under the Sandu government. 

At that time, the PPDA deputy never spoke about these illegalities.

"Dozens of companies in Moldova benefit from this preferential treatment, and this "treatment" caused loss of up to billion of lei in the state budget", said Moţpan in a press conference.

Moţpan accuses Puşcuţă of nominating two relatives as the head of some directorates within FISC. 

"Mr Puşcuţă bought 470 agricultural hectares in the Drochia district. It would be difficult to justify the obtained properties worth up to million euros with his state salary", said Moţpan. 

According to the PPDA MP, he sent the report on Serghei Puşcuţă to Zinaida Greceanii a few days ahead of his minister appointment but the parliament speaker hesitated to react. 

Greceanii didn't reply immediately to our phone for comment. 

In return, Minister Serghei Puşcuţă didn't see any problem on this report. 

"I'm very thankful that he sent it to the Prosecutor's Office. The competent bodies must examine it", Serghei Puşcuţă commented. 

He, however, avoided answering the question if he had million-euros fortune. He then confirmed his relatives are working in FISC but they were nominated when he was not the institution leader. 

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