PPDA members quit party for humiliation subjected by party leaders

Thirteen members of PPDA in Soroca announced to leave the party, saying they could no longer tolerate the humiliation subjected to by the party leaders without revealing more specific. One of these members, Serghei Slutu, have confirmed to our television. 

However, this person declined to reveal further details. 

In a party's joint statement published on agora.md, it said "political dirt and petty games sooner or later will definitely surface. Political childishness and egotism made of power greed will leave your right at the point you started". 

PLDM members, headed by the former president of the Soroca district, Mihai Mitu, joined the PPDA. Later, he was also elected president of the territorial organization. PPDA leader Andrei Năstase did not answer the phone to comment on the situation in Soroca.

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