PPDA deputy claimed President Dodon to be noxious even for PSRM

PPDA deputy Octavian Țîcu warns that President Igor Dodon will be unlikely to win a new term if he runs in the 2020 presidential elections. In an interview for Europa Liberă, Țîcu said Dodon was noxious for PSRM. 

"He's a political corpse. He intoxicates every party. He's noxious even for PSRM", mentioned Octavian Țîcu.

Moreover, PPDA MP also says that an authentic change with the PSRM would be difficult.

"We have entered a very dangerous game in which there are sharing of functions, ministries, contests, parliamentary committees, now, more recently - ambassadors on par with the Socialist Party ".

According to Țîcu, President Dodon was unsatisfied because some deputies of ACUM bloc (Octavian Țîcu, Iurie Reniță and Lilian Carp) refused to vote for his adviser Ruslan Flocea as the head of the CNA. 

"First of all, Igor Dodon must understand that he is not Putin and Moldova is not Russia. Beyond the fact that I voted against these contests and these candidates, I did not sign the agreement in general. Yes, the agreement of understanding between the Bloc ACUM and the PSRM ... I was the only deputy who did not sign. In addition, there were four people who did not vote for Zinaida Greceanîi's candidacy", Octavian Țîcu pointed out.

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