Pope Francisc recited Mihai Eminescu verses while in Iasi, Romania

While in Iasi, Pope Francisc had a speech in front of the 150 000 persons, where he recited some Mihai Eminescu's verses, a Romanian poet:

"The young are cheering when loved. All of us are cheering being loved, because love is a shareable emotion. This way are telling us these beautiful lyrics of your national poet".

The Pope's speech began with a Romanian greeting: 

"Dragi fraţi şi surori, bună seara!"

Suveranul Pontif intreprinde o vizita de cateva zile in Romania. Sambata, Papa Francisc a mers la Iasi. 

Pontiff Souvereign has a few-days visit in Romania. On Saturday, Pope Francisc went to Iasi.

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