Pope Francis spoke of violence against women in Latin America

Pope Francis, who is on a visit to Peru, has spoken out about violence against women in Latin America.

Speaking at a Mass in the northern city of Trujillo, the Pope called the violence "a plague" that needed to be combated across the region.

According to the UN, half of the 25 countries with the largest number of murders of women are in Latin America.

The Argentine Pope, 81, is on the second and final leg of a week-long regional tour.

"There are so many cases of violence that stay silenced behind so many walls," the Pope said on Saturday.

"I'm calling on you to fight against this source of suffering including legislation and a culture that rejects every type of violence."

On Thursday, the pontiff arrived in Peru from Chile, where he became embroiled in a row over clerical sex abuse.

He drew anger by accusing victims of a paedophile priest of slandering a bishop who they say tried to cover up the priest's crimes.

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