POLL: THESE parties would get to Parliament, if elections take place next Sunday

Three parties will get into the Parliament, if elections are held next Sunday. They are: PSRM, PAS and PDM. This result comes out from an opinion poll carried out by the Sociologists and Demographists Association from Moldova, on a sample of 1,872 respondents and an error margin of +/-3%.

Thus, the PSRM would garner 53.1%

PAS – 20.6%

PDM – 9.8%

PUBLIKA.MD reminder: According to a recent poll carried out by the US company Lake Research Partners, also PSRM, PAS and PDM are the main parties that would enter the Parliament:  

PSRM - 39%

PAS- 15%

PDM- 8%.

Other three parties may also pass over the 6-per-cent threshold. It’s the DA Platform party of the fugitive Topa gangsters, and the Communists Party PCRM.

Partidul Nostru of the fugitive criminal Renato Usatii would garner about 4%.

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