POLL: Most Moldovans living abroad want future parliamentary elections to unfold according to uninominal system

Most Moldovans living abroad consider that the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), headed by Maia Sandu, will be most favored by the uninominal voting, as the second winner would be the Democratic Party from Moldova (PDM). A poll carried out by the company IMAS yields these data.

66 % of respondents consider that the PAS would win following the implementation of the uninominal system, as 12% of them are certain the uninominal voting would be beneficial for the PDM.

Over 65 % of the Moldovans residing abroad maintain the uninominal voting offers equal chances to everybody and about 51% would like that the MPs were so elected in the coming plebiscite.

About 80% of the interviewed back the idea of being able to oust the law-makers not accomplishing their electoral promises, a provision in the PDM’s bill.

The citizens from the Diaspora widely support decreasing the number of parties and MPs, and the electronic voting: 87 % and 79 %, respectively.

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