POLL: Marian Lupu and Igor Dodon would head for second round of presidential ballot

Two hopefuls will bid for the second electoral round in presidential race the Socialist Igor Dodon and the Democrat Marian Lupu.

That’s according to a poll issued today by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers from Moldova.

The same politicians enjoy most trust, according to the results of the study.

The Socialist (PSRM) runner would get over 40 % of votes, while the Democrat (PDM) – over 13 %.

PAS candidate Maia Sandu would garner 13 %, followed by the DA Party leader, Andrei Năstase, supported by the Ţopa gangsters, who’d collect about 8 per cent.

Igor Dodon: 40,5%
Marian Lupu: 13,2%
Maia Sandu: 13%
Andrei Năstase: 7,8%

Iurie Leancă: 4,9%
Dumitru Ciubaşenco: 4,4%
Mihai Ghimpu: 0,7%

The most trusted politician is Igor Dodon with over 28%, followed by Maia Sandu, 16.4 % and Marian Lupu -- 16 %.

Igor Dodon: 28,3%
Maia Sandu: 16,4%
Marian Lupu: 16%
Andrei Năstase: 12,1%
Renato Usatîi: 6,7%
Iurie Leancă: 6,5%
Vladimir Voronin: 4,5%

The research was carried out from October 9 through 18, on a sample of 1,569 respondents, in 83 localities. The error margin is 2.4 %.

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