Poll: Considerable change in Moldovan's voting options

Sociologists have noted a considerable change in the voting options of Moldovans in the event of elections, demonstrated by the results of a survey conducted by IMAS in partnership with Deschide.md portal and Conflict Prevention and Early Warning Center.

Thus, if elections were held next Sunday, the most votes, almost 20-per-cent, it would take Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, with 6-per-cent more than in February.

According to the survey, the second party that is strongly growing is Democratic Party of Moldova, where 9.1-per-cent of voters would vote, compared with 5.3-per-cent, as were early estimates.

If elections were held on Sunday, would not enter the Parliament European People's Party of Moldova, Liberal Party and Liberal Democratic Party.

The slight increase has 'Action and Solidarity' party president, the Maia Sandu, for which 11-per-cent of voters would vote.

On the other hand, Renato Usatii's 'Our Party' party registers an almost double fall, who would vote to 8.7-per-cent.

A sharp drop of 12-per-cent, is in the case of "Dignity and Truth" Party president, behind which stay Mafia fugitives Victor Topa and Viorel, Andrei Nastase.

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