Politics analysts: Sandu Government doesn't have any certain steps to improve social life, it is only focused on politics

Sandu Government's targets are more political than social. This opinion belongs to some politics analysts.

The members of the Cabinet of Ministers are worried about the thing that the document is based on the dismissal of some persons leading certain officers, but does not have any points that would target to improve the living conditions in Moldova.

"This program worried more about politics than about the citizens' needs", said Cornel Ciurea politics analyst.

The analysts also say that the program creates an impression that they are in the elections campaign.

"It looks more than a political program than a program that targets to improve the living condition of the citizens", said Ian Lisnevschi, politics analyst.

The luck of a certain plan for the future makes us worried. This is the opinion of Vitali Andrievschi.

"The citizens are waiting for concrete steps. We want to know when will the next step be implemented. For example, in case the president doesn't have enough power, we should know when will some laws be implemented", said Vitalii Andrievschi, politics analyst.

The activity plan of Sandu Government was made two weeks after it was invested. This includes actions for half of a year.

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