Political retrospective: Most important political events of last week

This week occurred a lot of social and political events.

The new members of the Government took the oath this week, in the presence of the Prime Minsiter and the President of the Parliament. The decrees were signed by Andrian Candu who was the temporary interim of the President. Igor Dodon refused to sign the decrees and the Constitution Court suspended him temporary. Among the new members of the Government is Iurie Leanca who is the deputy prime minister for European Integration. Cristina Lesnic is the deputy prime minister for Reintegration. The former Prime Minister came back in the Government and leads the Economy and Infrastructure Ministry. The Ministry of Justice is in the hands of Alexandru Tanase. Tudor Ulianovschi is the new Foreign Affairs Minister and Svetlana Cebotari the new Minister of Health and Labor. The Agriculture and Regional Development Ministry is leaded by Liviu Volconovici.

On Friday the anti propaganda law was published in the Official Monitor and will come into force after 30 days. The document provides the fight against foreign propaganda. It refers to informative, analytic and military programs and targets the TV channels that didn't sing the European Convention according to the Transfrontalier television.

The American Congressman, Will Hurd says that Moldova is the target of a Russian hybrid war that already started through misinformation campaign, aggressive propaganda, detrimental economic measures and supporting the Russian forces from the country. The official talked about the Russian pressures, within a debate organized in Washington, by German Marshall Fund American Foundation. The discussions highlighted the thing that Vladimir Putin's target is to retrieve the former USSR territory. The American Committee for Foreign Relationship of the American Congress realized a report of the Russian influence in 19 countries.

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