Political commentator: Protests of Extra-parliamentary opposition, apparently on downward slope

"The protests of the extra-parliamentary right-wing opposition, even if they were really motivated, seemed to be on a downward slope, risking an excessive radicalization, with the erosion of the political capital accumulated by the leaders of the two parties, Maia Sandu and Andrei Năstase ". The statement was made in an interview for Free Europe by the political commentator, Gheorghe Cojocaru.

Asked how he explained that some right-wing electoral segments seem to have withdrawn from street protests, Gheorghe Cojocaru said that:

"Some may be deceived by the performance of some opposition leaders, others may have been expecting more from Maia Sandu or Andrei Nastase, the third would like to hear, for example, what solutions the two have on a series of socio-economic, educational or health-related issues that people face each day, or to see reaction from the opposition to certain legislative initiatives of power.

"It sometimes creates the impression that the opposition underestimates the need for public dialogue every day on all accessible social networks or not ready to face such demands. "

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