Political Analysts DECRY PAS's blocking press access to Party Congress

PAS changed their mind and switched the gears again. 

The party's representatives are trying to justify, after blocking press access to the Party Congress which has been fiercely criticized by media organizations. 

Action and Solidarity Party spokesperson Cristina Bujor says the decision of blocking Prime TV's access to the event resulted from the fact that Maia Sandu's party was mad at another television station.

This explanation, was not easily accepted, however, was provided for the Media-Azi portal, being already the third reason raised by the PAS representatives concerning Sunday's incident.

Political commentators and communications experts charge the actions of the PAS.

Moreover, political analyst Anatol Ţăranu believes the party led by Maia Sandu must apologize the Prime TV.

"If a party claims to become a member of government or parliament, it must always ensure the press freedom and always provide them the best opportunities to carry out their activities, " said political analyst Victor Juc.

The fact that the Action and Solidarity Party, led by Maia Sandu, is heading in the wrong direction, say more experts. According to them, if the party wants to locate this incident and minimize its negative impact, it needs to change its approach to media outlets.

"The party of Maia Sandu has made impression as if they were affected by Soviet fallout, that they have anti-democratic tics, that they tend to join the press that does not bother them and in the same boat with them," said Petru Bogatu, political analyst.

Besides, the communications specialist Ludmila Andronic believes that PAS, through its actions, has deprived the rights to be informed of large proportion of PRIME audiences. 

"It obviously proves a lack of a public relations strategy. If their electorate had not been exactly covered by your television, so their messages, other elements in party's program, their statements could not have been transferred to audience which was supposed to be regrettable," said Ludmila Andronic.

We recall that the PAS restricted Prime TV's access to the second Congress of the party, even if former invited Prime journalists to this event.

PAS secretary general Igor Grosu physically blocked Prime TV journalists' access to the Satiricus Theater headquarters where the congress took place.

Initially, Maia Sandu motivated that the shooting team did not send the accreditation request in time, and the second noted that Prime would not be a press institution.


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