Political analyst justifiably criticized Andrei Nastase as deviant individual and Russian weapon

DA leader Andrei Nastase has reconfirmed to be a deviant individual who only has suburban language in Moldovan politics, writes political analyst Roman Mihăeş on mesaj.md.

Mihăeş has bitterly criticized the godson of oligarch Victor Ţopa after Andrei Nastase used confusing and aggressive language at a press conference. Especially he has verbally attacked Sor deputy Marina Tauber recently. 

Andrei Nastase has no right to offer anybody lessons regarding political correctness after betraying citizens who elected him, writes Mihăeş

The analyst also accused Nastase of being weaponized by the agents influenced by Russian secret service. 

"That Politruk (Political officer) is the last one in Republic of Moldova who has the right to talk about morality given his opposition against journalist attacks and civil society. He and other people behaving similarly don't have places in Moldovan politics, especially in Parliament", concluded Mihăeş.


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