Police urges drivers to be more careful as fog covers Chisinau

The city is covered by fog. According to the authorities some roads have the visibility of under 100 - 150 meters.

For this reason, police officers urge drivers:

- Do not try to pass another car without clear visibility;

- Turn on the headlamps even during the day on all roads, including those covered by fog, to reduce the risks of an accident;

- Maintain a bigger distance between cars;

- Make sure your lamps and signal lights are always clean;

- Do not make any careless turns;

At the same time, bicyclists and pedestrians are requested to keep in mind that due to the fog they are harder to spot. Try to keep from the roads, but when unavoidable wear clothes that makes you more visible. Use only crosswalks, or similar marked places and even then, make sure that it is safe to cross.

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