Police threatened by one of protesters gathering to support defendant Gheorghe Petic

Police have made clarifications to ensure public order and security in front of the court. A group of people came to support defendant Gheorghe Petic.

"Once the sentence was pronounced, Orhei police officers demanded the access to the court for the transport of Gheorghe Petic. Otherwise the law would be applied. However, the protesters illegally maintained and the convict was taken to the escort car. Police then unlocked the exit and formed a cordon to allow the vehicle to move safely", quoted a police release. 

Similarly, representatives of National Police stated that a police was threatened physically by a protester. 

In this context, the Police asks protesters to comply with legal provisions and not resort to challenges, aggression or attempts to hinder police activity.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that Gheorghe Petic was convicted for rape at three years and six months imprisonment with execution in a semi-closed penitentiary.

The former border police has to pay a fine of 30 thousand lei because he has illegally entered the victim's home. The decision was pronounced by the Orhei Court.

After the sentence was pronounced, Petic's supporters, gathered in front of the court, began to be aggressive. The police used tear gas to cool the crowd.

Gheorghe Petic was arrested in last October, after being charged for rape. He was caught in surveillance camera while entering the victim's house. Moreover, biological samples belong to the woman were found on his clothes. 



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