Police release VIDEO showing detention of traffic police officers suspected of kickbacks

The Moldovan Police Inspectorate released this video showing chief anti-corruption prosecutor Viorel Morari announcing the detention of 28 traffic police officers for taking bribes.

One can see the moments when the police officers hear their names, get out of rank and put their hands behind their backs.

According to the probes, the patrolling inspectors allegedly asked for and received bribes from 100 lei ($5) to $1,000 from drivers for not certifying their offences (drunk driving, speeding, filmed windows, unbuckled safety belts, driving at the red light, illegally transporting passengers, etc.)

The criminal inquests started after notifications from drivers and from transport companies incurring losses because of the bribes. The internal affairs unit of the Interior Ministry also filmed some policemen as they were taking kickbacks.

If found guilty, the traffic police officers face jail sentences from 5 to 10 years and fines of up to $8,000.

However, there were police officers, who'd declined bribe offers from undercover drivers, and applied the penalties due. They have been awarded by 1,000 Moldovan lei ($50) today.      

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