Police Officers from Capital ensured pedestrian safety for children since early morning (Photo)

More responsible than ever. Capital's police officers went to the most dangerous intersections to ensure pedestrian safety. Pupils claim that they know the traffic law, but sometimes drivers don't respect them.

"Never run on the crosswalk and be cautious of approaching cars. Good luck and have a nice day."

Children said that they are always careful when crossing the street, to avoid any accidents.

"We look to the right and to the left. If we see any cars, we wait for them to pass first."

"I only pass when the drivers signals me to."

"There are good people and bad people. Those that are nice- stop, while those that are bad- not often."

"We must walk on green light, at yellow to get ready and at red to stop."

The children were impressed by the officer's act.

"I think they do an heroic deed."

Some parents confess to walk their children to school, to ensure their safety.

"I am always afraid, as there are sometimes cars that can hit you."

Most attention was given to the young citizens, namely pupil from Mihai Marinciuc Academic High School, from Buiucani sector in Chisinau. Police officers have also offered pedestrians brochures informing of traffic safety.

"Taking into consideration that traffic in Chisinau is very busy, especially during mornings, when many drivers rush to work, it is hard, especially for children, to cross the streets" expert from children safety directorate of Buiucani, Veronica Ivanov said.

Since last week, officers are dispatched to take care of traffic on busy intersections and help children and elders cross the streets safely. 

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