Police officers from Botanica Sector kept on their toes by suicidal teenager

Police officers from Botanica Sector of the Capital were kept yesterday on their toes by a 17-year-old teenager that threatened to jump from the 3rd floor of a student dormitory. After a few hours, officers of the Infantry Battalion managed to convince the young man to come down, but he refused to name the reason that pushed him to such act.

Law enforcement was called in by passersby who noticed him. Inspector Leonid Cuşnir, who save the teenagers life, said it took him over an hour to convince him against jumping.

"I talked with the person. The moment he made a step forward to jump, the dormitory's manager and myself caught him by hand and dragged him in", Leonid Cuşnir mentioned.

The young man was taken to the station for questioning. According to the police, it is not his first suicide attempt. Eyewitness claim the cause to be a girl.

 "He was drunk. From what I heard from his friends, he was pushed to such action by a girl friend", an eyewitness said.

The teenager is resident of Hâncești and studies at College No. 3, to whom the dormitory belongs. He was dropped out a week ago. Following, officers will contact his parents. They risk to be fined.


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