Police officers discover and seize 65 bottles of forged alcoholic beverages from booth in Stauceni

A lot of alcoholic beverages with obvious signs of forgery was discovered by police at a commercial booth in Stauceni village.

At policemen's request to present the documents of origin or the quality of the alcoholic beverages, the seller did not have them. At the same time, she was caught by police officers while selling the beverages after 22:00, actions prohibited by law.

In this regard, from the scene were seized 65 bottles of alcoholic beverages, being stored until the decision of the trial court. Also, it is possible to be conducted the beverage quality expertise, and if they could endanger consumers life and health.

Respectively, the saleswoman risks being fined up to 1,800 lei for violating the rules of retail of alcoholic beverages, and the owner is liable to pay a fine of up to 6,000 lei with deprivation of the right to carry out certain activities for a period from 6 months to a year.


Chisinau Police warns economic operators to strictly comply with applicable law.

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