Police detained group of 11 drug dealers

Officers of Inspectorate of Police investigation of Botanica sector has detained a specialized group of drug dealers who were preserving large-scale drugs.

Following authorized searches of the homes of the suspects, over 200 ecstasy pills, 150 grams of amphetamine, several packages of marijuana, mobile phones were found.

Money worth 15,000 lei and 1,000 euros, from drug sales were also identified.

Cast members of the group have divided the storage and sale of narcotics, and customers were identified using reliable intermediaries.

Police officers and prosecutors have detained the suspects, proved to be residents of the capital, aged between 28 and 34-year-old during the drug transactions.

Individuals were detained for a period of 72 hours in the detention of the Police Directorate of Chisinau being investigated for illegal circulation of drugs in large proportions.

Investigation and containment operations were organized jointly with the Prosecutor Office of Botanica sector.

They risks imprisonment for a term from seven years to 15 years.

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