Police begun investigation following violent protests near Moldova 1 (updated)

Police opened an investigation regarding violent protests that took place the day before near Moldova 1. According to the information, four police officers were injured after a minibus tried to run them over.

Today the General Police Inspectorate will host a press conference regarding the violent protest that took place yesterday near Moldova 1.

Therefore General Police Inspectorate and Crime Investigation Directorate have offered a statement about the event.

"We have begun an official investigation on this case, as stated by article 349 of harassing a person on duty. As we all already know, by attempting to get through the crowd with a minibus, multiple police officers were injured. Moreover, following this act another officer took a hard blow to the head. Law experts will be allowed to express their opinions regarding this case. Investigation have started investigating the sight, questioning the residents and as a result managed to detain the minibus driver. The investigation is still continuing. The minibus real owner was also found and taken into custody. The car will be given for forensic investigation. At the moment I cannot disclose any other information, except my person opinion that were it not stopped, the consequences would be more grave" chief of Crime Investigation Directorate, Grigore Moga declared.

"Another case was opened on the name of the minibus owner. Organizers were also invited in order for them to be read the legal consequences of their actions. When requesting to host the protest, they claimed that it would be peaceful, but unfortunately it became violent and they never stepped in. They endangered the lives of not only our officers, but also of other citizens present at the protest. As we did our best to find the 4-year-old child and managed to return her to safety, we tried our best to allow people the freedom of speech and protect this right" chief of General Police Inspectorate, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc stated.

When asked why tear gas was used,  Gheorghe Cavcaliuc denied any such actions.

"We never used tear gas, or any other, yesterday. I request that all those who posses videos from the protest to post them and let it be known that no such actions were made by the officers. We have the right and will use them when needed.

PUBLIKA reminds that 

Yesterday leaders of Dignity and Truth Platform Party and Party of Action and Solidarity have organized a protest in the Great National Assembly Square, afterwards people tried to force their way on the territory of Moldova 1. The aggressive politicians demanded the news channel to call them more often for interview and to broadcast live the protest.

The protesters tried to enter the territory of National Television Channel using a minibus, endangering the lives of both police officers, as well as other civilians. Luckily law enforcement managed to stop it.

Unhappy with this people decided to attack the police officers.

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