Poland to support financially modernization projects in 14 Moldova's cities

14 cities in the country will be modernized with the help of the Polish Government.

In the first stage, six localities were selected, which will benefit from a 200,000-euro grant for infrastructure modernization: playgrounds, parking spaces or street lighting projects will be built.

"There are pilot projects to be implemented and good practices from these projects are to be reapplied as a good experience in the other cities," said Dorin Andros, State Secretary.

To participate in the urban modernization program, local authorities must identify the area to be set up and have at least 20 percent of the amount needed to implement the project.

Cimislia is one of the localities that will benefit from Polish budget. A multi-functional sports field will be set up in the city. 

"The field will have a surface of 1300 m3, which will benefit all children in the city and all visitors to the park."

1.5 million lei will be needed for this project. Poland will grant 600,000 lei and the rest will be allocated from the local budget or other funds. 

Polish representatives say it is very important to invest in cities.

"We apply these development process in our cities and now we will bring these experiences to Moldova", said Przmystal Derwich, Director of the Assistance Programs. 

The projects are to be completed by October.

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