Pokémon Go for grown-ups: New app that will take you on traveller's treasure hunt

Enter Kompl: a mobile location app for the curious minded. Kompl uses a combination of GPS, Wikipedia and search and discovery programmes like Foursquare to guide the intrepid traveller towards points of interest while allowing them to keep a sense of adventure. There are no maps and no walking directions, just a compass-like view which teases the user towards locations around them with pictures and limited information. It will tell you how many metres away the place is, but it’s up to you to find your way there – perfect for those too stubborn to backtrack when they take a wrong turn.

First introduced earlier this year, Kompl has just relaunched with an added gaming aspect. Choosing a character or “destiny”, the user can seek out selected restaurants, bars, shops, historical monuments or squares, “collect” them and level up accordingly. A Pokemon Go for grown-ups, if you will.

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