PM Sandu unaware of Minister Nastase-interim prosecutor relations, unsure about new official

Prime Minister Maia Sandu is unsure that the ruling alliance has succeeded in electing an independent general prosecutor as their electoral commitments. She, however, states that we still have a chance: in the autumn when a general prosecutor will be elected.

"We all know that we want an independent prosecutor and we will see how good the interim prosecutor will be. The most important thing is to focus on the process of selecting the General Prosecutor who will be for a few years and who has a difficult task", said Maia Sandu.

She was unaware of the fact that new interim general prosecutor and Internal Minister Andrei Nastase have the same godmother. 

"I don't know any godson, godfather and any relations. I only hope this interim prosecutor to do his great job. Otherwise, he will be replaced", said PM Sandu.

Earlier the PAS leader declared that the new general prosecutor will be one from Europe, an idea rejected by President Igor Dodon. In the end, it seems that Maia Sandu gave in to the socialists, only saying that we need a brave professional. The position of general prosecutor remained vacant after Eduard Harunjen resigned.

Recently, the PSRM-ACUM alliance passed a draft law, according to which the contest for the election of the general prosecutor will no longer be held exclusively by the Superior Council of Prosecutors, but by an independent commission. Also, the deputies of the  coalition gave Igor Dodon the right to have the last word when appointing an interim general prosecutor.

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