PM Sandu no longer insists on European prosecutor as Socialists oppose it

PM Maia Sandu feels less optimistic about the appointment of Laura Codruţa Kovesi as general prosecutor although she stated it would be a wonderful scenario for the Republic of Moldova previously. 

"Let's be serious, Laura Kovesi will be a European prosecutor. Between prosecutor of Europe and Moldova, we can't expect her to choose the Moldovan one", said PM Sandu. 

However, Maia Sandu said she wants a prosecutor of this caliber and that she would be happy if Laura Kovesi came to this position.

Asked if we still have a chance to choose a European prosecutor, Maia Sandu said:

"As far as I understand, the Socialists no longer accept this solution. If the ACUM bloc had 60 seats in Parliament, the European prosecutor would be European, Laura Kovesi or someone else. We do not have 60 mandates. The Socialists want prosecutor to hold Moldovan citizenship", said Maia Sandu, quoted by


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