PM Sandu insists nepotism derails Moldova's development and bodes decline in living standards

PM Maia Sandu acknowledges that giving relatives privilege for important functions in the state institutions would derail the development of country and bodes decline in living standards. 

However, not all deputies in PSRM-ACUM alliance take this opinion in account and continually give their relative privilege. 

"Corruption affects the whole mechanism of the country. It's a problem when the leaders are appointed based on their relations rather than professional capacities", said Maia Sandu. 

Not long time ago, Internal Minister Andrei Nastase appointed his godson Gheorghe Balan as Interim Head of Police General Inspectorate. Only when journalists publicized this information, they announced a contest although none of the candidates met the requirements. 

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu named godfather Andrei Popov as Chief of staff. He resigned when the press noticed this. 

Jurnal de Chişinău newspaper also wrote that new deputy chief of SIS, Artur Gumeniuc, who is adviser of Igor Dodon since 2017, could be close relative of Parliament President Zinaida Greceanîi. Gumeniuc declined to comment on this. 

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