PM Sandu gives dismissal pressure to bear on National Institute of Justice leadership

After threatening to fire the members of the Superior Council of Magistrates, PM Maia Sandu also exerts pressure on the leadership of the National Institute of Justice, an institution that ensures the training of candidates for the positions of prosecutor and judge. According to PM Sandu, NIJ has promoted unprofessional people recently. 

In a press briefing, PM Sandu accused the Institute's representatives of providing insufficiently qualified specialists. Moreover, Sandu has evidences which point to bribes taken in the institution both on admission and on completion of studies.

In this context, Maia Sandu asked the Ministries of Justice and Finance to identify solutions to triple, even this year, the number of people to be trained at the NIJ for the professions of judge and prosecutor.

The leadership of the Insitute has not yet commented on the Prime Minister's request to resign, but previously dismissed allegations of corruption in the institution, noting that over the last four years several reforms have been implemented to ensure clear and transparent procedures in the admission process and to exclude any suspicions of fraud.

We mention that this year, the National Institute of Justice started the admission to the 20 places for the candidates for the position of judge and the prosecutor.


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