PM Sandu announces to raise tax (video)

Prime Minister Maia Sandu announces to raise tax as a commitment in the new negotiation with International Monetary Fund. 

"There won't be privilege, there won't be somebody who stays away and doesn't pay tax. There are companies with big profits but enjoy tax incentives while small companies have to pay taxes. 

What we want is everybody pays tax according to the law. Then we will have much money to invest more. The ones with more money will pay higher taxes", mentioned Maia Sandu on a Moldova 1 show. 

It's should be recalled that alliance PSRM-ACUM adopted many controversial fiscal measures. They voted in the final reading the law to double VAT for HoReCa sector, to impose tax for meal voucher, raise 50% tax for environment pollution. 

At present, all natural and legal person, with some exceptions, pay income tax of 12%.


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