PM Sandu admitted voting for Chisinau airport concession but denied supporting Avia Invest

Prime Minister Maia Sandu admitted voting for the government's decision on the airport concession, but not in favor of Avia Invest. She commented after declaration of Democrat Vladimir Cebotari in a Prime TV show. 

"It was a decision of government which clearly indicated the conditions they should fulfill for 49 years. It was a closed auction to keep the airport taxes", said Cebotari. 

"Ms Sandu attended to vote for the concession conditions but I am blamed for that, especially in term of taxes", added the politician. 

PM then admitted voting for this concession. 

"I participated in this voting. But I didn't support the offshore company which was selected obscurely. It turned out a company created by the money stolen from Economy Bank. There is evidence to prove my declaration", confirmed Sandu. 



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