PM Pavel Filip: Right now, citizens' safety is our main priority

Right now, authorities main priority is the security of citizens. The statement was made by Prime Minister Pavel Filip at the meeting of the Commission for Exceptional Situations.

"Now the number one priority is the security of the citizens. We'll need to identify the help they need. Flood risks remain valid, so we will make all necessary action. The second stage will be the cleaning of the roads of fallen trees and, of course, with the assessment of damages" , the prime minister said.

The Head of the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service, Mihail Harabagiu also said we have a difficult situation.

At the same time, a missing person was registered in the Comrat district, and in the Botanica sector a person was electrocuted.

Economy Minister Octavian Calmic stated so far in 703 localities were registered electricity disconnections of the electricity.

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