PM Pavel Filip requested Agriculture Ministry to clean Bâc river from Chisinau to Strășeni

PM Pavel Filip has requested Agriculture Ministry urgently to analyze the environmental impact of cleaning Bâc river. Romanian government pledged to allocate 10 million euros for this project. 

"Due to the river's state and stronger rainfall, it's not easy to pass the road. The problem is not only in Chisinau but also Strășeni. People say that's is the priority we need to deal", said PM Pavel Filip. 

Agriculture Minister confirms the process is underway. 

"We need to carry our the project in our country and then obtain money", said Moldovan official. 

According to the project, river bed of Bâc river will be cleaned. It will be of 21 km in Strășeni  and 24 km in Chisinau. 

From totally 100 million euros of non-refundable support, Romania will allocate 15 million euros for four environment projects in Moldova. 10 million euros will be spent cleaning Bâc river and the rest will be used for ecosystem restoration in Prut meadow, pollution elimination in underground water and greenhouse gas emission reductions. 



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