PM Pavel Filip met with President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko to speak of Moldova- Belarus relations

The current stage of the Moldova- Belarus relations and the possibility to initiate new partnerships in areas of common interests were discussed today at Minsk, during a meeting between Prime Minister Pavel Filip and President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

The officials have mentioned the ascending relations between the two states, choosing to continue the dialogue on all levels. Pavel Filip and Alexander Lukashenko have accentuated the importance to continue the inter-governmental commission for commercial and economic cooperation platform. The next meeting of the Commission will take place in the first half of the next year, at Chisinau.

To deepen the bilateral cooperation, Prime Minister Pavel Filip has underlined the opportunity for liberalization of freight transport and air transport. The official is confident that opening a Chișinău-Minsk flight will make the relations between the two countries more dynamic.

Among the domain with existing, efficient and advantageous, cooperations were highlighter the join manufacturing of tractors and trolleybuses. In the future, buses will also be assembled in Chisinau. The two officials have also expressed their interest in performing joint investment projects in the wine, agro-industrial, zootechnical and pharmaceutical sectors. Moldova wishes to gain Belarus's experience in growing of complex livestock, while Belarus wishes to create a joint enterprise for bottling Moldovan wine and Cognac.

Pavel Filip and Alexander Lukashenko have appreciated the opportunity to organize the Business forum, offering multiple economic agents from both countries the possibility to establish direct contact and initiate new projects. The officials have opted to continue consolidating Moldova - Belarus partnership for the benefit of citizens from both states, underlining that the dialogue have shown certain results.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Pavel Filip has invited President Alexander Lukashenko to visit Republic of Moldova.

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