PM Pavel Filip: I appeal to ALL Moldovans to STAY HOME

All citizens are asked not to leave their homes, as the weather situation is exceptional. The appeal comes from Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

''The emergency state has been declared today, April 221st. It is a difficult moment that we are going through and that is why we have to show solidarity. Today after we've heard all the reports, we've decided to declare the emergency state. I have talked with the president and agreed that only after the President's decree would be involved in this crisis cell and the National Army will intervene. I appeal to all Moldovan citizens to refrain from leaving their homes, especially considering that we are on the even of Easter. We understand what this day means, but taking this situation into account I would strongly recommend that everyone refrain from departing. So, let's not forget the roads are blocked roads and trees have fallen" , said PM Pavel Filip.

The prime minister added that all necessary forces are involved and will act according to weather conditions.
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