PM Pavel Filip held meeting with head of IMF experts mission, Ivanna Vladkova-Hollar (PHOTO)

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has had a meeting with the head of the experts’ mission of the International Monetary Fund, Ivanna Vladkova-Hollar, on a visit to Moldova.

The PM said that, after the signing of the agreement with IMF, EU had unlocked the financing for Moldova. Thus, till late 2016, Moldova will receive 45 million euros for budgetary support and on the next period – another 100 million euros as macro-financial support, of which 40 million is provided as grant.

The prime minister note that, besides the access to financing, the agreement with IMF was also a certificate of trust, and the government was now more mobilized, more determined to press ahead with implementing the reforms.

To this end, an agenda of priority reforms till 2018 has been worked out. Pavel Filip referred, in particular, to the pension system reform, which is extremely important and necessary to ensure a sustainable and fair pension system, which is to guarantee citizens’ right to a decent pension, correlated to the person’s social contributions.

Also, the PM touched upon the public administration reform, the goal of which is to create a more flexible public administration, but with better powers and better remunerated.

In the context, Ivanna Vladkova-Hollar said that IMF backed these reforms, in principle. Yet, it is necessary to elaborate a more detailed vision, due to be discussed at the first programme evaluation. The head of the IMF experts’ mission appreciated the efforts of the Finance Ministry and National Bank of Moldova in stabilizing the situation in the financial sector, stressing that other measures were also to be taken and these actions must be continued. The official added that an IMF evaluation mission would come to Moldova in February 2017.
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