PM Pavel Filip glad to see young people's interests in purchasing house and remaining in country

On the first day of the launch of the First House 4 government program for private-sector employees, there were already 20 applicants registered. This is what Premier Pavel Filip wrote on his Facebook page.

"On the first day of the launch of the First House program for private employees, we already have 20 requests, and I am pleased to see such an interest from young people in order to buy a home and stay here.

That's why we have allocated 20 million lei for 2019 - state compensation for the beneficiaries of this program. We have enough desire, strength and skill to continue with other measures for the benefit of the citizens. "

 According to the document, the state will offer the applicants subsidy of up to 50% of credit to purchase apartments. The cost should be lower than 600,000 lei and subsidy value will be calculated depending on apartment cost and applicant's salary. The credit will be offered for 25 years. 

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