PM Filip demands urgent amendments and Roadmap on waste management

Actions for solid waste management was discussed today at a meeting convened by PM Pavel Filip. PM stressed this is one of most urgent problem and people are awaiting for solutions. 

"We all passed the electoral campaigns. We all talked about this problem in all meetings. In each village, we have unauthorized landfills, people complain about the wast. We can observe the roads in the country to see garbage", said Pavel Filip. 

Moreover, PM emphasized lack of National Solid Waste Management Program is the constraint in tackling this problem, not the lack of money. 

"We're convinced that if we had implemented a National Solid Waste Management Program since the country's independence, we would not table this issue today", said the head of Executive. 

PM has urged, as a matter of urgency, to propose changes to the law on waste.

At the same time, a Roadmap for Solid Waste Management will be drafted to contain all stages for the final resolution of this problem.

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