PM Chicu: The government subject to attacks from former officials

Prime Minister Ion Chicu called on the former government to refrain from attacks on the current Executive, not to denigrate the country and to get involved in the development of the Republic of Moldova. The statements were made after the meeting between PM Chicu and President Igor Dodon and the Speaker of Parliament Zinaida Greceanii.

"We are being attacked inappropriately by some aspirants for the position of the country's president and former officials. We will not react to what they say. They showed their incapability in the last five months. I understand the political fight, I understand the attacks on the government and its plan for the next years. But the request is not to denigrate the country, not to attack the citizens and if you have anything, contribute your skills and knowledge to the development of the country. Please abstain for a while, until understand what is the new government, "said Ion Chicu.

PM Chicu said that Moldova needs people who know how to do things, to work in the interests of the citizens.

"We will focus on activities that the citizens of the country are waiting for. We urge all the officials to work for the country and leave aside the political desires".

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