PM Chicu: Moldova may pause collaboration with International Monetary Fund

Prime Minister Ion Chicu does not rule out that the Republic of Moldova could take a break in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund. The statement was made on a private television station.

"We intend to discuss with the IMF the prospects further after the end of the current program, which expires on March 20. But as I said before and I also told Mr. Atoyan, we will emphasize on the perspectives of the Moldovan citizens' interests regardless of institutions we collaborate with. On the agenda of discussions is our determination to channel important amounts of money to public investments. If the IMF is flexible to accept this vision of ours, we will continue the collaboration with this institution. Otherwise, it is not excluded that we will have to take a break in relations with the IMF," said Ion Chicu.

The head of the Cabinet also said that Moldova wants a healthy and advantageous collaboration for our country with any institution.


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