Playing at Parliament: Kozak alliance vote on so-called laws which broke the law

Kozak alliance comprised of PSRM and ACUM bloc are playing at Parliament without knowing institution regulation. 

The most recent blunder of the Legislature dissolved by the Constitutional Court's decision was the vote on so-called laws signed by a committee that does not even exist.

It happened on 11 June when the Kozak deputies amended the law on the Prosecutor's Office. The rapporteur was the Legal Commission for Appointments and Immunities, the creation of which was voted by the dissolved legislature the day after.

According to the Parliament's Rules of Procedure, in the first and second reading, the debate on a draft law consists in hearing the report of the committee. We remind you that on June 8th, the Constitutional Court decided that unconstitutional legislative acts, laws and resolutions adopted by the deputies of Parliament for the 10th legislature.


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