PISA 2018: Over 4 in 10 Moldovan students don't understand what they read

43% of 15-year-old students in Moldova don't understand what they read and don't have the minimum knowledge in science. Half of them have problems with mathematics, according to the result of the Programme for International Student Assessment 2018 (PISA). 

80 countries from all over the world participated in the PISA 2018. The 15-year-old students took tests on three basic subjects - Reading, Mathematics and Science. Moldova obtained an average score of 424 points.

Moldova got higher scores in Reading (8 points higher), in Mathematics (1 point higher) while the Science score remains unchanged compared to 2015. 

The test also shows that students in the city gained more practical knowledge and skills in three areas than the students in rural areas. The difference in Reading is 64 points, in Science - 56 points and in Mathematics - 55 points. 

5300 Moldovan students from 236 schools in Moldova were on PISA 2018 tests. 


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