Physicians, policemen and waiters detained for drug traffic

(UPDATE 10:10) According to the head of Anti-drug Department from the National Investigation Inspectorate, Ion Turcanu, until now are detained 7 persons, one policeman, one physician, tow waiters and three distributors.

The verifications are done in a case of drug traffic. The operation started on Wednesday evening.

The policeman is from the Ciocana Police Inspectorate and was detained on Wednesday. He is 29-years-old and was detained near his workplace, and on him  were found 15 grams of heroin.

According to investigation officers, the suspect sold other 20 grams of drugs to a man from Vadul lui Voda.

A gram of heroin was sold for 1,600 lei. The buyer was also detained.

Officers say that they will give more details on today's operation in a press conference.




(9:50) Many physicians, policemen and waiters from some nightclubs from Chisinau have been detained for drug traffic, in a joint operation of the General Prosecutor's Office and Police General Inspectorate, writes

Prosecutors and PGI officers conducted yesterday and last night a wide action on the tracing and detainment of some drug dealers, and many officials who were covering their illegal activity.

According to sources, there are already many detainments, and through those detained are physicians, policemen and waiters from some nightclubs from Chisinau.

The searches continue. Until now, there are 10 persons detained.


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