PHOTO REPORT. Peaches harvest is rich this year

The peaches harvest of this year is rich. But, this is not a happy reason for the farmers, because they export the fruits on a price of seven lei for one kilo, which is four times less than the previous year.

Also, they say that they started to pick the harvest ten days later, because of the rains.

"We have 20 hectares of peaches trees. The harvest is really good, but the prices are low. The previous years there was 25, while this year 5 lei", said Mihai Cojocaru farmer from Slobozia-Dusca village, Criuleni district.

A big quantity will be sold on the national market.

"We sell between 500 and 600 kilos per day. All the fruits should be exported", said Mihai Cojocaru.

In order to pick the harvest in time, the farmer hired some daily workers.

"Good bless you and God help us.", said Vladimir Sclifor, daily worker.

According to the Farmers Association from Moldova, this year's harvest is 15% higher than the previous year.

"We export the fruits in Spain and Italy", said Iurie Fala, APEFM deputy director.

Now, in Moldova there are 4 400 ha of peaches orchards.


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