PGI failed to name its chief. Nastase's godson carries on leading the institution

Godson of Andrei Nastase will continue leading Police General Inspectorate. Four of the six candidates enrolled in the contest failed to pass the written test. They refused to comment but expected such results on phone interview. 

Contacted by Publika TV, people responsible claim that the candidates lacked the needed scores to move on the next stage - interview. In a press release, the Interior Ministry writes that the institution is open to the participation of candidates from outside. 

"The foreign source involves candidates who are citizens of the Republic of Moldova and active outside of internal affairs, but acquire with superior legal knowledge. We can not talk about a contest, because if you read carefully the law 320, there is a clearly established procedure for appointing the Chief of the Police General Inspectorate. It remains at the discretion of the government by the proposal of the Minister of Internal Affairs. The government that is now headed by Prime Minister Maia Sandu is smart to decide how to name the new head of PGI from the foreign source ", said Mihail Beregoi, state secretary at the Ministry of the Interior.

Of the six candidates admitted to the written test, yesterday only four appeared in the competition. These are Fredolin Lecari, Head of the Border Police, Ivan Cebotari, Chief of Gagauz Autonomy Directorate, Viorel Cernăuţeanu, Chief of PGI Legal Directorate and Vladimir Negura, Chief of Directorate within PGI. The other two, Dumitru Cebotari, deputy head of the Bălţi Police Inspectorate, and Lilian Levandovschi, head of PGI Center for Combating Trafficking in Persons, did not come to the contest and did not specify the reason.

We remind that Andrei Năstase has appointed Gheorghe Balan as the head of PGI. According to the law on police activity and police status, the head of the institution must have a seniority in managerial positions for at least five years, and Balan does not meet this condition.

According to sources, Andrei Nastase's godson has not even presented the health certificate at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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