Petition to NASA: Name a planet from TRAPPIST-1 planetary system - MOLDOVA

Moldova- this could be the name of one of those 7 planets discovered by NASA. A petition in this sense was launched by Moldovan citizens, according to

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"We, the people of the Republic of Moldova, ask you to name a planet from the new discovered TRAPPIST-1 planetary system - Moldova, in the name of our country.

We are a small country right in the center of Europe, however, we've been totally undiscovered by the rest of the world. Just the same as the planets from the TRAPPIST-1 system.

For us this is a great opportunity to tell the world that we do exist, that we live as beautiful and hospitable people, that we have a huge sun in our hearts and entire oceans of wine of the best quality.

We're expecting all the explorers from all over the world to discover us and to visit us!

We aren't light years away, our capital Chisinau is only a few hours flight away from almost any point on the globe.

We're inviting all the world to visit us and to support us in this petition!

We're asking you in the name of all of our people to name one of the planets from the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system - Moldova, in the name of our country.

Thank you! People of Republic of Moldova" , writes the petition. 

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