Peter Michalko: Financial support from EU might grow to 740 mln euro. It all depends on Moldova

EU ambassador to Chisinau, Peter Michalko declared that during 2014 - 2020 Republic of Moldova might raise the financial support offered by EU from 610 million to 740 million euro. 

According to the official, those resources also depends much upon Republic of Moldova's capacity to absorb them.

"Those money come from EU tax payers and it underlines the partnership relations between European Union and Republic of Moldova" the ambassador said.

Peter Michalko believes the fact that EU is Moldova's biggest investors means more work places, stability and developments in income from exports.

At the same time, it allows new possibility to draw in more investments into Moldova, which in its turn, will increase the living standards and salaries of citizens.

"At the same time, it means that highest standards will be introduced, not only in economy, but society as well. The Association Agreement is meant to raise standards to fit those from EU- political association and economic integrity" EU ambassador to Chisinau said.

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