Persons with disabilities are urged to participate at the biggest marathon from Moldova

The organizers of the greatest sports marathon for the persons with disabilities organized an event to talk about how important it is to move.

Even if he stays in a wheel chair, Ilie Stefarta also participates. I like the speed. You can run even if you are in a wheel chair", said Ilie Stefarta. 

To encourage the persons with disabilities, an association from the UK donated four wheel chairs.

"They saw that the wheel chairs are old. We have brought here four wheel chairs", said Jane Ebel, representatives of a charity organization from the UK.

"We should do something to increase the number of persons who participate at the marathon", said Serghei Legheida, organizer at the event.

Leonid Popa suffers of cerebral palsy. Regardless the grave health problems, the young says he wants to participate to the marathon:"I want to try this experience. I don't want to win, but I want to participate."

Besides the social involvement, the sport also has therapeutic effects. 

In our country there are approximately 130 thousand persons with disabilities. This year edition of the marathon will take place on September 30.


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