Persons from Transnistrian region detained for smuggling of tobacco products

Members of a criminal group specialized in smuggling of tobacco products, have been detained.

People originating from Transnistrian region have been illegally transporting tobacco products in Romania.

Each person involved in the criminal group had its role to play. According to preliminary information gathered, cigarettes were taken from a warehouse located in the town of Kamenka, Transnistrian region and then transported across the Dniester river to Sanatauca village, Floresti district.

Subsequently, tobacco products were taken by others to transport them smuggled into Romania.

Following searches at the 27-year-old man, 35 boxes of cigarettes with a total of 17,490 packs of cigarettes have been found. 

The objects collected have been transported and stored on the territory of the Border Police Department. Currently, criminal prosecution is carried out to document all the participants in the crime.
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